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Can I succeed In this Business?

Take a few minutes to read this brief story that reveals how I started and became who I am today in the transport industry.

If I can become a multi-millionaire today through the transport business, then you can too.

Here is my journey into one of the most lucrative businesses in the world.

I never planned to enter the transportation business, but somehow, circumstances led me to it, and the results are amazing.

It all began in 2016 when I was a member of the RichLife cooperative society. In the cooperative, I was the third-highest contributor.

There came a time when the cooperative was looking for a business to invest in.

During a members’ meeting, someone suggested the transport business, a proposal I strongly opposed.

Due to the stories I kept hearing about drivers, I wanted nothing to do with the transportation business.

The cooperative was still deciding on what business to invest in when I got a job outside the state, and I left.

In my absence, they eventually settled on the transport business, specifically the Keke business.

To start, they sent one of the founders to Aba to buy a fairly used Keke, believing it was cheaper compared to Bayelsa where we are based.

The young man bought 10 kekes to start with. Unfortunately, due to the severe condition of the roads in Aba, any Keke used there is as good as damaged.

When they brought them to Yenagoa, they couldn’t perform. In fact, they were unable to operate to the standard needed in Yenagoa until every one of them got tied up with the business.

It was at this point I returned and asked for my money, which the cooperative couldn’t produce. Instead, they told me to take over the kekes and see if I could recover my money.

After careful consideration, I accepted the offer because, if I said no, where would they get the money from?

The last thing I wanted was to involve the police as it would likely end up in prolonged legal processes.

That was how I took over a packaged bomb of problems to recover my money. The kekes were giving serious problems.

I set aside some funds to fix the keke problems, not knowing I was getting deeper into a mess. After fixing one issue, another would arise. The riders’ issues were another challenge.

I kept spending more and more money to get these kekes in order until one day, my mechanic said, “Oga RLC, look for another business, village people are after you in this business.”

His statement made me vow to do whatever legitimate thing it would take to succeed in this business. The rest is the story of success.

Today, I have moved from kekes to fleets of Sienna cars, making millions of Naira monthly. Everything you are going to learn from this course is born out of years of pain, resilience, and consistency toward greatness.

And This BOOK Reveals Exactly How I Did It

Why Do You Need This Business?

  1. Transport business is an evergreen niche, it can never be oversaturated
  2. People must move from one place to another even if salaries are not being paid. In fact, during the financial meltdown, the government weren’t paying salaries but worker went to work compulsorily using transport. So, no matter what, it is a very lucrative business

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About The Author

Meet Israel Chima, a seasoned transporter and entrepreneur whose journey from the grassroots to the apex of the transport industry serves as an inspiration to aspiring business leaders.

Through a relentless pursuit of knowledge and self-learning, I not only conquered the challenges of the transport business but have also emerged as a trailblazer and a respected figure in the entrepreneurial landscape.

In an industry where experience speaks volumes, Israel’s journey is a living testament to the principles and strategies shared in this course.

From overcoming unexpected challenges to achieving unparalleled success, my story is a beacon of inspiration for anyone aspiring to make his mark in the world of transportation and entrepreneurship.

Embrace the wisdom gained from a self-made entrepreneur who has not just thrived but excelled in the dynamic and competitive landscape of the transport industry.

What You'll Get....

The course came in two formats, the video version and the e-book. You have the right to make a choice based on the version you love. It comes with specific steps, tips, questions, answers, and policies you can literally adapt for your use.  It’s a complete plug-and-play system that works because I developed and used it!

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I am are so confident in the transformative power of this course that I offer an ironclad guarantee. Enroll in the “Start and Succeed in Transport Business” course risk-free, and if, after implementing the strategies outlined, you don’t see significant improvements in your transport business within 90 days, I will gladly refund your investment—no questions asked.

I stand behind the efficacy of my content and firmly believe in the potential for positive change it can bring to your life.

Take this journey with me, implement the proven methods, and experience tangible results in your business. If, for any reason, you don’t find value in the course, we’re ready to issue a prompt and full refund. Your satisfaction and success is my top priorities. 

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